If you’re an outdoor enthusiast you most likely have a variety of different clothes that you wear depending on the season and weather that you’re going to encounter. One of the most important factors to keep in mind is that you can always take off some of your clothing if you have too much, but if you get lost or injured in bad weather without enough clothing you could freeze to death.

Layers Are What’s Important When Hiking In The Woods

Nearly all the instructors you’ll ever talk to about surviving in the wild will tell you that you need to have multiple layers of clothes of several different materials. It’s important to have material that stays dry and that will dry out if it gets wet, that means certain kinds of synthetics and wool are good for different layers.

Your base layer, the one closest to your skin, should be made of a thin layer of warm fiber like polyester. It will keep you plenty warm yet wick some of the sweat away from your body. You don’t want cotton since it will absorb sweat and keep it close to your skin where it can make you cold as the temperature drops.

The next layer needs to be somewhat baggy so that air can move around beneath it and through it as well. This air keeps you insulated yet helps evaporate some of your sweat. Wool works well for this since it is thicker, has plenty of air pockets within, and it won’t hold water, even if you fall into a creek. The final layer needs to have a windproof outer shell that will stop wind, rain, snow, and any other dampness you could encounter. Some of the best will have holes that are covered with flaps that will allow moisture to leave but seal up tight when the wind blows.

If you’re planning on doing any outdoor hiking, fishing, hunting or climbing the clothes you wear are important. Choose them wisely and always plan for the worst, that way if something bad does happen you’ll always be plenty warm and dry.